Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows OS X Linux

Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows OS X Linux

Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows OS X Linux

Review-The expense is the primary remarkable marker that the MP150 is planned for use in a home office. There’s no fax backing or customized file feeder (ADF), which suggests you can’t yield or copy anything greater than a letter-size extraordinary. Of course, the compelled eccentricities in like manner make the MP150 sufficiently minimal at 7.2 by 17.5 by 15 inches (HWD), to fit pleasingly on a work zone. The printer has space for a PictBridge connector, so you can print clearly from any PictBridge-enabled cam.

Setup is customary for an ink plane AIO. Essentially relate the power line, present both the dull and tricolor ink cartridges, stack the paper, run the electronic setup program, and join the USB join when incited. Disastrously, be that as it may, there are several hindrances to keep an eye out for.

A more basic issue is that you have to conform the print head printing a game plan page and thereafter picking the right settings to go into the driver—something that essentially no ink planes power you to do any more.

Amidst cartridge changes, the CanonMP150 does a morethansensible occupation for home use. On our business applications suite—which joins Microsoft Word reports and PDF records the MP150 took a total of 20 minutes 38 seconds. That is only a little slower than the 19:47 total for the hardly less extreme yet astoundingly for all intents and purposes indistinguishable Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 924. For photos, the MP150 found the center estimation of 1:36 for each 4-by-6, just around 20 seconds more than the Dell AIO.

The MP150 furthermore passes on sensibly perfect yield. More than a vast part of the printed styles in our substance tests were viably conceivable at 5 centers, with some clearly observable even at 4. Only two seriously adjusted content styles anticipated that would be printed at 12 centers for tidiness. Still, content required freshness and which would keep me from using the MP150 when I anticipated that would put my best foot forward, for instance, for a résumé. Plan looked incredible, however just if you avoid unstable lines, which tend to vanish. Furthermore keep away from printing full-page delineations, which can make the paper turn.

The photos I printed all things considered qualified as honest to goodness photo quality, however shades were amazingly punchy—something that a few people like and others don’t—and our monochrome test photo showed an alternate tint. One good touch is that the photos are totally waterproof. Really, I held one submerged while rubbing it and did no conspicuous harm.

From various perspectives, the MP150is an adjacent match to the Dell Photo All-In-One 924, which is somewhat less sumptuous, somewhat speedier, and offers tantamount yield quality. However the Dell’s yield isn’t remotely waterproof. If you consider the photos you print, that one characteristic makes the Canon PixmaMP150’s to some degree slower printing splendidly worth hold

How to install the printer to your PC or Laptop:

1. Connect the printer to a PC as written on the instructions from the manufacturer
2. Click ‘ Start’ > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers
3. Click ‘ Add a printer ‘
4. On the ‘-Choose – a printer port-‘ select ‘-Use – an existing port-’ and select the appropriate printer port to which you attach to your PC and then click’ Next ‘ .
5. On the page ‘Install the printer driver ‘ choose the model of printer that you use, then click ‘ Next’
6. Complete the next step and click ‘ Finish ‘

If the printer that the spacer using a type which is connected via Wi – Fi then use the programs’ Add a device’untuk installing the printer to a PC . Here’s how:
1. Click ‘Start’ >> Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Add a device
2. Make sure the Wi – Fi and a printer to be connected is already lit , then your printer icon will appear and you just follow the instructions there.

Canon Pixma MP150 Driver For Windows OS X Linux

Support for Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

For Windows

Operating System
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
For Mac OS X
Operating System
OS X 10,6 OS X 10,7 OS X 10,8 OS X 10,9 OS X 10,10
For Linux
Operating System

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